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equipment needed

equipment needed

Students enrolled in RVC will need access to a lcomputer, aptop/Chromebook and the internet.  The curriculum is web-based and does not require any type of software platform.  TK-3 students need headphones with microphones to participate in listening and speaking standards-aligned activities. Headphones and microphones are not required at any other grade level.
Technology loan program & pick-up

Technology loan program & pick-up

See below for the pick-up situation that pertains to your circumstance.
  • If you submitted a request for technology prior to 8/11/2020, you should have alread picked up your technology on 8/11/2020.  If you did not, please contact your traditional school site. They will have you resubmit following each traditional school site's process.
  • If you submitted a request from 8/11-8/17/2020, you will hear from your traditional school (via their computer technician) to arrange a pick-up time for devices.
  • If you still have tech needs, please contact your traditional school and follow their process to get your needs met.
Technology support for families

Technology support for families

Support Line:
NEED HELP WITH: Technical Issues - Devices / Hardware / Hotspots - Login / Passwords
Monday- Thursday | 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. | (916) 672-3600 |
Additional Support:
NEED HELP WITH: Accessing Your Teacher's Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Schoology Page
Contact your child's teacher via email or participate in Daily Office Hours or contact